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Harness Life

We quickly learned that Booey’s day-to-day life was going to include a harness. I would be lying if I said he has grown to like it. If he could speak English, he’d say he hates it, that it makes him itchy, and that it’s probably overkill. However, we have discovered that it is key to helping him in and out of the car, lifting his rear end when he becomes tired, and allowing him to enjoy the outdoors with help.

Boo outside in a huge snowstorm!

Unfortunately, 4 years ago during a snow-shoe, Boo-Boo injured his now-existing rear leg, to a partially torn CCL. The leg did heal with time, but we knew he had worn out his meniscus.

With this leg now being his only working rear leg, we worry about further injury. We have since learned that a dog carries approximately 40% of their weight in the rear and 60% in the front, so we are hopeful that he doesn’t blow the joint out completely.

We are looking into what we can do to help him the best way we can through physiotherapy and joint treatments. Here is a photo of him standing in 3 feet of snow.

3 thoughts on “Harness Life”

  1. Best wishes for Boo Boo! As far a s rehab goes, for best results consult with a certified canine rehab therapist for proper evaluation, treatment recommendations and an exercise program designed to specifically address your hiss needs. Visit a CCRT or CCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can pay for your first visit with a Tripawds Rehab Grant.

    And, find many helpful profiles and vet interviews about remaining limb surgeries in the Tripawds News blog.

  2. Look at that boy! He’s like “three legs? no problem!”

    Snow is really hard work for any creature to walk in. Now that we are in Alaska for a while, I get why moose are always so angry in winter. Even they have difficulty trudging through the snow!

    Yep, the harness is suuuuper helpful. Especially on ice, it really is a great tool. I always left ours on Wyatt because just when I thought he wouldn’t need it, he did.

    Hope you guys are having some nice weather these days. Everything is turning to ice up here where we are. I don’t like it! Can we just go straight to spring so dogs can walk on it better? Sheesh!

    Give Boo a big ol smooch from us!

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